This meeting took place on 13th and 14th December.

The partners of Biometal Demo have visited the electroplating facilities of Industrial Goñabe in Valladolid. They have been able to observe closely the galvanization processes and the pilot plant that Hidrolab has built to test the wastewater treatment technologies developed by the universities and research centers involved in the project.


After the visit, the members met at the facilities of the San Cristóbal Polygon Association to discuss the achievements made in previous months, the difficulties encountered and the actions being taken to achieve the targetted goals.

First, the partners discussed the state of the water treatment plants of Industrial Goñabe (Valladolid, Spain), the São Domingos mine (Portugal) and Endeka (Castellón, Spain). Then, it was discussed the progress made in the research about technologies for the treatment of water with heavy metals and their integration into the pilot plants. Finally, the preliminary results of wastewater treatment costs, the strategy to give visibility to the results of the project and the achievements expected in the coming months were discussed.

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