These journals are interested in the work

In the last month, various online magazines reflects the importance of investments for projects that are focused on water rehabilitation. FP7 funding programme invest important amounts of money in this area for researchers and SMEs interested in this kind of projects such as BIOMETAL DEMO Consortium.

DICYT was the first technical magazine on writing about BIOMETAL DEMO. It is a website that impulse dissemination of science and technology. In this article, it tells readers about project objectives and challenges.

FUTURenviro is a specialized magazine in environment, energy and efficient energy sectors. It also reflects importance of BIOMETAL DEMO project and mentions all project partners.

RETEMA, one of the most important magazines in the environment sector also reflects the importance of applying new biotechnologies for industrial water treatment. Article was published on 11th December.

“The website for environment”, I-ambiente, published an article about project BIOMETAL on 22nd January 2014 where project objectives are embraced.

It can be concluded that project BIOMETAL DEMO is having a good repercussion in related sectors, which means that what project partners are going to work in can sound interested for specialized professionals and researchers.

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