The meeting took place on 30th October in Madrid (Spain).

At the end of the fourth and final year of the project, the Final Meeting meeting took place, in which BIOMETALDEMO partners presented the project results to the Project Officer and the Expert appointed for this project.

This meeting between the partners of the project has been an opportunity to know what the project results and benefits were and the progress of the work during Reporting Period 3, as well as the tasks that are still left to finish completely the project, and the amendment finally imposed by the project officer. One by one, the partners were exposing the progress made in their tests and the results coming from them, as well as their expectations to continue to work in the BIOMETALDEMO concept.

This meeting brought together all the BIOMETALDEMO partners: Contactica, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad de Salamanca, Armines (IMT Mines Alès), LCW, Centro de Ciências do Mar-Universidade do Algarve, Industrial Goñabe, Servyeco and Hidrolab.

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