This event took place between April 21th and 22th 2015

The European Commission invited BIOMETAL DEMO to assist a SPIRE Impact Workshop. The meeting took place in Brussels, Belgium. Partner SERVYECO was on charge to present the project in this event.

SERVYECO talked about the project objectives. The purpose of this work is demonstrate feasibility of continuous and sustainable biotreatment to remove heavy metals from polluted industrial wastewater.

BIOMETAL DEMO have several phases. First, there is a research phase with bioprecipitation and biosorption. Then, other demonstration phase with 3 pilot plants (electroplating plant, uranium mine and ceramic tile industry).

Consequently, the project aims to give solutions, at technological and economical level, for one of the most serious environmental threats that is heavy metal pollution. Recent environmental awareness and legislative restrictions on uncontrolled discharges of wastes have highlighted the need for new technologies for the treatment of high volume, dilute wastes at source.

Therefore, this event served to present solutions to a big and important problem for the future of the citizens.

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