This implies a consolidation of the project

On May 2015, project BIOMETAL DEMO is 18 months of life. This date coincides with the end of first project period.

At this moment, project is still achieving impact on social networks. The last tweet was posted yesterday by @ASTIntlogistics. An account with 252 followers.

Twitter is the third social network and it built up a membership of almost 300 million registered users in 2014.

However, BIOMETAL DEMO also have presence in the first social network worldwide. It is Facebook with more than 1,000 million of registered users. Post can be seen if you click here.

Project BIOMETAL has achieved a great impact on social networks since the beginning of the project. In this way, 10 tweets have been posted on Twitter and one post is in Facebook. It is important to highlight that any of them has been posted by a project partner.

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