The event took place from October 27th and 30th 2014

Partner ARMINES has presented a poster about its work in the project on this conference held in Oak Ridge National Laboratory at Tennessee, USA.

In fact, the intention of the SST Program Committee is to seek new ideas, describe novel applications, identify newly recognized needs and generate lively technical discussions on topics of separation science.

“Separation Science and Technology for Energy Applications symposia focus on key separations in developing energy-efficient processes and sustainable energy resources and systems”, according to the website event, it’s a biennial event that attract international participation. The conference had an evening poster session that typically attracts full participation from the attendees, in which partner ARMINES presented a poster related with results obtained in project BIOMETAL DEMO.

The tittle of the poster is “Synthesis and Application of a Novel Sorbent for Heavy Metal Removal” written by the researches involved in the project: E. Guibal, C. Bertagnolli, and T. Vincent from Centre des Matériaux des Mines d’Alès (France).

Authors of the poster are promoting the poster to be published in different specialized journals of Science & Technology.

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